my reasons for being a big loser

When I started this journey, I was encouraged to start a lose list.  Something I could refer back to when the going got tough (because it would, I knew it), something that would keep me motivated, something to work towards.

If I didn’t have reasons why I wanted to lose weight, what was the point?

I am type A, I need goals, I need reasons. I needed to put everything that I was feeling down on paper; everything I hated, could’t stand, wanted to do, and wished that I could be.  I needed reasons to love myself again.

I had nothing to lose (well, not literally) but figuratively, I had no where to go but up, or lighter.

Here is my “lose list” (or start of it) that I created on November 21, 2014.  Some of the things on this list seemed un-reachable or un-attainable, some are funny and some are necessary for my health.  When I wrote the list, I was able to come up with 20 reasons, QUICK.  I thought to myself;

I just came up with 20 reasons why I want to lose weight, why did I let it get this far if I had so many reasons to change?”

1. my health

2. body image

3. my future

4. LOVE myself again

5. not to get tired walking up stairs anymore (I work on the 3rd floor)

**I should have been happy that my desk job was moved from the 1st floor to the 3rd to give me at least a little daily exercise, but no, I immediately thought about using the elevator instead! Seriously, Emily?!?!**

6. be able to participate in activities and not always be a bystander

7. when going shopping, I didn’t want to immediately flip to the bottom of the pile of clothes to find my size (if they even had it)

8. I want to be able to cross my legs when sitting

9. I want to enjoy the image I see in the mirror

10. I don’t always want to fee like the fat girl

11.  I need my high blood pressure to be lower

**I knew it was high, I could FEEL my heart want to explode when doing normal activity, let alone working out.**

12. I want to be able to wear skinny jeans

13. I don’t want to have a ‘muffin top’ anymore

14. feel comfortable in a bathing suit

15. I want to be able to walk into a clothing store and be able to buy/wear the “cute” or “trendy” clothes

16. I want to be able to donate blood

**My Iron and Hemoglobin were always too low to donate (some driving factors to low numbers….diet**

17. no more double chin

18. I would like to buy boots that are not “wide calf”

19. I want to be able to run again

20. I owe it to myself

21. my relationships deserve it

I have a million other reasons why I wanted/needed to lose weight, but those are the ones on my “lose list.”  Those are the things I am striving towards.  If you don’t have reasons and goals, you have nothing to keep you accountable.



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