21 day fix

As all (or most of you) know already, I decided to start the 21 Day Fix program through Beachbody early March.  My reasoning? I had hit a major plateau in my weight loss.  When I started actively losing weight in late November, the weight came off quickly, but after the first 20lbs came off, the routine that I was in wasn’t working as effectively as it was in the beginning.  I was frustrated and I felt myself getting discouraged.  I needed to try something new, change up my routine, so I would start seeing results again.  I couldn’t quit.  My future health depended on it.

This brings me to 21 Day Fix.  I will start out by saying that I was the. biggest. skeptic.  Here were my opinions:

1. before and after pictures were FOR SURE photo shopped, results couldn’t possibly be that drastic 

2.  was it worth that much money? (challenge pack including Shakeology was about $150)

3.  how effective could a daily 30 minute DVD workout be?

4. will I get tired of portioning out my food into small containers everyday?

When I was feeling the negativity of the plateau I was on, I had a momentary lapse of all the opinions I had formed about this program and contacted my friend Katelyn who is a Coach through Beachbody.  In the past she had talked to me about it, but I was never at a point to commit, until then. Within moments, I had pressed order on my computer and I actually felt a huge sense of relief, that maybe, just maybe, this would help me start seeing a few less pounds on the scale again.


The program comes with everything listed above.  The workouts, meal planning guide, portioning containers, blender bottle and Shakeology.

Shakeology is so incredibly healthy, there’s no other single food item out there that can supply you with all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in the amounts you need the way one delicious shake can.

The video below talks about all the food you would have to consume daily to have all the nutrients in one shake!

This is where I got skeptical, was this just some gimmick by another Direst Sales company?? But, I thought, what’s the worst that could happen…..It could help??

When the pack arrived, I immediately dove into everything with anticipation!  On one of the first pages is a calculation to help figure out how many calories your body needs per day so you can figure out how many of the containers you should be consuming per day.

Calculation is:

current weight in pounds x 11 = baseline

your baseline + 400 (fix calorie burn) = caloric need

caloric need – 750 (calorie deficit) = target calories



I fell into the 1500-1799 calorie category and you can see above how many of the various containers I was supposed to consume daily.  This is where the meal planning that the program emphasizes comes into play, in order to manage these containers, you NEED a plan!  I created a spreadsheet that I used for my weekly meal plan, and once everything was written out, I went shopping!  I had already been eating healthy, so the cost of the food was already worked into my food budget.

Here are some ideas of what could be used for each of the containers:


Meal planning and sticking to it wasn’t hard at all for me.  If I have a plan and I have all the food in the house, I will follow what I am supposed to.  The key thing for me was that I prepped all my fresh veggies on Sunday so I had portions for each day when I was at work.  Following the plan strictly obviously makes the program work as it should.

I never felt hungry at the end of an evening while doing 21 Day Fix.  In fact, I felt like I was eating all. the. time.  The plan suggests: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.  Definitely brings a whole new view to how I fed my body.  When I gave my body enough of what it needed, in the correct portions, I could really feel a difference.

The meal planning / portion control is not the only aspect of 21 Day Fix, there are also daily DVD workouts.  The pack came with 2 DVD’s consisting of the following workouts.

Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Dirty 30, Yoga Fix, and 10 Minutes Abs

I had absolutely NO idea that a 30 minute DVD workout could be so intense.  When I ordered it, the first thing that went through my head was, “If the workout isn’t intense enough, I will just go to the gym after to get a little extra workout.”  Keep in mind that I had already been working out almost daily for a couple months for about an hour each time and I could run a couple miles without stopping.

Here is my review of the first 4 days of workouts:

Day 1: The workout was hard, I could barely complete the 30 minutes before I felt like I needed or wanted to quit.

Day 2: After completing Upper Fix, I could barely wash my hair in the shower without my arms shaking.

Day 3: Lower Fix made me almost cry on my living room floor because my legs were still aching from Day 1 and I had never been so thankful for handicap bars in the work bathrooms because I needed them.

Day 4: To concentrate on not quitting, I counted the beads of sweat that dripped onto my yoga mat.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let these comments about the workouts discourage you.  The review isn’t meant to be taken completely serious, YES, the workouts are hard, but IT DOES GET EASIER! I promise!

I was pleasantly surprised with how my body felt after the workouts.  I had been working out consistent before starting this, and I NEVER once felt like I got near the workout that these DVD’s gave me.

By week 2 of the 3 weeks, my body had started to adjust to the workouts and I had to do less and less of the modified versions

My Results:



I lost 12lbs and 15.5 inches (upper arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs combined)

More than any amount of weight that I lost, I noticed (as you can see in the pictures) the overall change in my body.  I was tighter, gained muscle, and was stronger.

My Review:

Obviously results will vary from person to person.  My body was already active and I had already been eating healthy, so I do not know if results would be this drastic if someone was inactive before starting.  The meal planning takes a little time, but is VERY important.  You really have to be strict with eating, no cheats.  I didn’t consume any alcohol or drink anything but Shakeology or water (not saying that you cannot, I just don’t drink coffee/pop/milk/ect).  Focus on trying to complete as much of the workouts as possible and if they start getting easier, do 2 of them a day or increase the pound of hand weights you use.  If you follow it, the results will show, there is no question in my mind.  This program WORKS.  My results turned this skeptic into a believer.

If you have any questions about my results, the program or anything to do with 21 Day Fix, please comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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